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Club Accounts is a very simple income and expenditure recording system designed specifically for member only clubs.

Our group has specialised in providing software for the member only club market since 1982 giving us unrivalled experience in the specific requirements of this market area.

Some features of Club Accounts are:

 Fully customisable financial year settings for periods, months, working weeks, etc

 Full VAT recording, if required.

 Club specific bar takings input for up to four bars / tills

 Simple weekly input for Income and Expenditure (unlimited Income/Expenditure types)

 Main trading bank in and out transactions with automatic entry from expenditure cheque and direct debit payments. Automatic direct debit option.

 Subsidiary bank accounts for transfers to and from the trading account.

 Full reporting including profitability report available for month/period, quarter and year

Above all, Club Accounts is very easy to use. Each task which has to be performed in a paper based accounting system is listed on the system menus. Just select the task and let the computer do the hard work!                                                               


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The total Club Accounts system cost is, would you believe, discounted to just 50 and this includes a simple to follow operating manual in pdf format and even free telephone support if any difficulty is experienced during installation or in the early days of use.


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